Consumer Electronics


We have experience in Design and Build equipment relating to customer’s products like: Compressor, Steam Iron, Circuit Breaker and Power Tools, and in the following process and areas:

  • JOINING Automated Process: Riveting, Spot Welding, Heating and Cooling, Hydraulic Press.

  • CLEANING Automated ProcessHigh Temperature Water Chalking Test, Burn In Tester.

  • CUTTING Automated ProcessPneumatic Trim.

  • ASSEMBLY Automated ProcessScrew Torque Setting, Bowl Feeder, Oiling, Palletizing, Weighing.

  • ACCESSORIESFree Flow Conveyor System with Pallet, Slat Conveyor, Semi-Automated Work Station.

  • Press: Automatic press machine with Air-Hydro cylinder and Indexing table
  • Welding: Semi-Automatic Welding machine with high current spot welder
  • Riveting: Semi-Automatic Riveting machine with Air-Hydro cylinder
  • Assembling: Automatic screw assembly with torque setting
  • Free Flow Conveyors: Conveyor system with Design and Build pallets
  • Testing: Automatic testing with hydraulic system and test parameter selection

Due to intellectual property protection of our customers' requirements, we are unable to show more information on this website. For more infromation, please email to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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