Metal Working


We have experience in Design and Build equipment in the following process and areas:

  • JOINING Automated Process: Brazing, Robotic Welding, Spot Welding, Resistance Welding, Heating and Cooling, Hydraulic Press.

  • CLEANING Automated Process: Degreasing and Drying, High Temperature High Pressure water jet washing, High Temperature Drying.

  • CUTTING Automated Process: High Speed Drilling and Chamfering, Precision Milling, Buffing, Precision Grinding, Hydraulic Punching, Deburring.

  • ASSEMBLY Automated Process: Screw Torque Setting, Bowl Feeder, Walking Beam, Quality Inspection and Measurement, Oil Plate Hydraulic Insertion, High Potential Testing, Oiling, Palletizing, Stocker and Checker, Magnetization, De Magnetization.

  • ACCESSORIES: Magnetic Chip Seperator, Chip Removal System, Coolant Filtration System, High Lift.

  • Punching: Automatic hole punching using hydraulic cylinder
  • Welding: Automatic CO2 and MIG welding
  • Palletizer: Load/Unload products to and from trays
  • Drilling: Automatic high speed Drilling and Chamfering
  • Degreaser: Remove oil and grease
  • Washing: High Pressure – Non CFC with dust control
  • Checking: Automatic dimensional, functional and cosmetic check
  • Forming: Automatic forming and insert
  • Milling: Automatic Milling with real time checking

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