Service & Support

Systems Design

We develop and build tailor-made systems designs for our customer's manufacturing needs for the PCB, Metal Working and the Consumer Electronics Industry.

We have been linking up and layouting our customer's specialized manufacturing processes with conveyors for transport of products, flow diversion and mergers, coding and staging: material handling equipment for storage, sorting, orientating, loading and unloading. High lifters to link manufacturing lines between floors of the factory and other necessary equipment.



We customize the design to suit our customer's manufacturing needs for the PCBMetal Working and the Consumer Electronics Industry. We have customized many special purpose equipment to ensure quality manufacturing process and efficiency.



We provide upgrading service to our customer's equipment with overhaul of ports or improvements in efficiency and quality. Regardless of original supplier.


Preventive Maintenance

We provide regular preventive maintenance to our customer's equipment to ensure optimum working condition and prevent downtime


After Sales Service

We provide after sales service to our customers after equipment or system commissioning in assistance to problem solving.


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